Tuesday, November 20, 2007

High School Reunion

My friends and I recently discussed the fact that our 10 Year high school reunion will be coming up next summer and I can't figure out what's scarier~ the fact that it has been 10 years since we were freed from the hell that was high school, or the idea of voluntarily going BACK to relive any remote element of the hell that was high school?

Some people hear "High School Reunion" and think "Yippee! I can't wait to see all those people!" (~skippy, bouncy, cheerleader clapping-type reaction~).

...and other people hear "High School Reunion" and think "Jesus, I know where I WON'T be" (~gagging sound~).

Nothing personal against anyone in particular, or even my old "prison" at that, I just really believe that, despite how much the anti-social can evolve and grow and learn to adjust into a more social mindset, some people are just hard wired to feel completely turned off by back tracking down that particular avenue of memory lane.

I spent the mass majority of my high school career plotting, attempting and succeeding in escaping it as much as possible...running away from what I believed to be one gigantic ant farm of teen movie cliche...and even after SO long, the girl I used to be still exists inside of me somewhere.

Some people thrive on seeing and being seen, and some people can take the same situation and want to dart the other way. I don't mind running into people I knew a long time ago if it should happen on its own, but an organized event like that....~shuddering~

I've never been good at chit chat or small talk~ I find all of that catch up bologna to be a waste of breath and completely dry, uninteresting and FORCED. I always find myself wanting to be completely honest...about EVERYTHING and I have learned that most people can't appreciate my, er, perspective.

Those who can appreciate it~ and who I liked, regardless of whether or not they appreciated it~ I still communicate with, talk to and am still friends with.

Unless there is a lot of alcohol involved, I can't imagine what that many people after so many years could possibly have to talk about other than playing the "This is what's happened to me" ping pong game, where everyone is just waiting for the person they are chatting with to shut up so that they can talk about themselves some more.

Career flexing, baby picture flashing, "That One Time at Band Camp" rehashing...no thank you!

In a drinking environment scenario, I just see the entire situation becoming one big alcohol induced Fakefest, with the sincere and non-ego wagging people coming too few and far between to sell me on it.

I suppose this is a reflection of how I see most of the people I went to school with, but then again, I was never there long enough or allowed myself to get to know most of them well enough to know them at all in the first place...which is even more reason to avoid them all anyways.

If things work out the way I am hoping, my happy ass will be on a plane to Vegas as the Norman North Reunion festivities begin.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


As silly as this may sound, I faced one of my big phobias today= FLU SHOT.

I finally got my very first flu shot, something I try to talk myself into doing every year, but never build up the courage to go through with...and so, every year, I get sick as hell and want to die for about two weeks. I figured this year though, since it was being offered in the Administration building where I work, it would be a waste to avoid it since it was just downstairs.

It didn't hurt, but I still feel irked by it. The thought of having what I consider to be "alien" substances injected into my body freaks me the fuck out....

It's not out of fear of the pain of a shot (although I HATE needles), it's more the idea that I have foreign shit flowing through my veins and throughout my body that freaks me out...

Reading the consent form didn't help, ("You shouldn't get the flu shot if you have allergic reactions to the flu shot..." I've never had one! How do I know if I am allergic????!!!).

I spent the first hour afterwards terrified that at any moment I was going to go into cardiac arrest or break out in hives or have a panic attack...but I am OK....I think. I'm trying not to think about what was in the syringe that nurse poked me with. If I think about it too much I might just vomit right here at my desk. :(

My best friend assured me that I have voluntarily welcomed things into my system over the years that make the flu shot look like a kiss from the Sugar Plum fairy so I shouldn't really be worried about too much.

Good point.

My other big phobia, ELEVATORS (shudder), is starting to subside...after so many trips to Vegas and taking the dreaded box hanging by a cord up so many floors to rooms/clubs- I am getting better with that. It helps that I am usually too inebriated to notice that I am even in an elevator in Vegas, but still...my idea of eternal damnation is being trapped inside of an elevator getting poked with needles while a Starbucks Christmas compilation c.d. plays on repeat...

Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm braving an OU game with Taylor tomorrow evening~ like a fish out of water (or more like a cat being thrown INTO a pool of water...) I am prepared to endure a few hours immersed in the Sooner spirit down in Norman...my long lost hometown.

I agreed to go the other day, after teasing him about football wound up hurting his feelings a bit I think. He told me how much it means to him to for me to spend QT with him and appreciate his love for Sooner football....his other OTHER girlfriend next to poker (I still can't decide which one he loves more, but either way I must compete with those "other ladies" for his attention sometimes and it occasionally drives me batty).

Afterall, he is a 4th generation alumni~ and it's a big family tradition thing for him so I've been working on being a better sport about it all....
I ask questions and let him explain things to me, I congratulate him on good games when they win and slap him on the ass ("Whoo! Have fun babe!") as he's headed out the door to tailgate and enjoy an afternoon of beer and ball (when he's not watching it on tv!).

I am beginning to realize that Sooner winnings are vital to how my Saturdays will turn out in the end, because when they lose I have to deal with a cranky husband. It's always been like this, but now that we are married I figure I should try to be more supportive.

My personal issues with Sooner football stem mostly from growing up in Norman and having it shoved down my throat my whole life (especially after they won that championship in 2000...before that they couldn't fill the bleachers, and suddenly fans started coming out of the woodworks once they won that title....GRRRR. Band Wagoners bug the hell out of me!).

I don't have to be a fan or a band wagoner, but I also shouldn't punish him for my Sooner annoyance. So I'll suck it up and enjoy his company as he enjoys the game. I told him that I'm not wearing any Sooner apparel though. The last time I attempted to at least wear some sort of reddish/maroonish shirt at a game a few years ago he teased me by saying that I stuck out and, although my effort was "cute," it was obvious that I was not a fan.

I am considering making him take me to an opera or ballet....even though I really don't care for the opera or ballet~ but it would be interesting to see his reaction if I suggested it. I think he married me because he knows I will never make him go to a ballet or opera.

The media and popular culture likes to make everyone believe that all wives are constantly trying to get their husbands to take them to the opera or ballet.

I personally would prefer to have Taylor take me to see Black Sabbath/Ozzy next month (ROCK!) instead (which for Taylor is almost the equivalent to the opera or ballet), but unfortunately a conflict of scheduling will not allow it anyways (damn).

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