Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sally Kern is an A-Hole

I believe that Kern is an ignorant bible beating old Cronie who is so out of tune with the "average American" that she might as well be living in a fucking cave.

It is so embarrassing to our state and to those of us who live here for her to proclaim that her delusional views represent the "average American." What she means is that she represents your average right-wing bible beating cronie American whose mindset is so behind on the times that they fail to recognize that homosexuality has ALWAYS existed in human culture- and every culture all over the world since the beginning of time- and that the culture we live in right now is NOT the same culture that Americans lived in 200 years ago.

Being able to be open about who you are and accepted as a human being is called social progress! It’s called social evolution! White Protestant men are not the only people with civil rights and liberties anymore. If we still existed in the same culture as we did 200 years ago (as Kern has stated she wants to see it be), that bitch wouldn’t even be sitting on her high horse as any kind of representative of the people...her ass would be at home chained to a kitchen stove, churning butter, wearing a bonnet and getting slapped around by her husband for having any kind of opinion because it was still "God’s word" to beat your wife.

KERN: "I wasn’t saying that you guys were a cancer," the legislator says to Dr. Jones. "I was saying that the effect is the very same as a cancer. If God’s people do not stand up and proclaim God’s word, which teaches that homosexuality is a sin; and if we try to just ignore it and let it become mainstream and take on the mentality that you folks want, that it’s a normal lifestyle, then that is going to spread through our culture, and we will no longer have the same kind of culture we’ve had for over 200 years. That’s all I meant."

Are you KIDDING me? No wonder so many people in the rest of the country look at Oklahoma as some sort of backwoods state full of ignorant, uneducated hicks. Look what some of our "representatives" have to contribute to the world. Kern talks about how the agenda of homosexuality is to tear down the "bedrock foundation of our society- which is family and traditional marriage."

Family- most definitely. But the definition of family has evolved as well. If she is talking about the traditional nuclear family as the standard, that ship has long sailed. Traditional marriage is fab- I’m traditionally married- but it’s no longer the standard and only option anymore. It hasn’t been for a LONG time in regards to FAMILY- it’s just one of many lifestyles now- and there’s nothing wrong with anything that is not "traditional." There are adoptive families, same sex partner families, single friends who consider themselves families, unmarried families, BLENDED families...and blended families are the very product of divorce- something that was traditionally considered a "sin" by the church, am I right? If a gay couple wants to be wife and wife or husband and husband, so what? Traditional marriage standards in this country has already strayed beyond "repair." I believe that heterosexual American couples are the ones who have already accomplished destroying the bedrock foundation of our society- are they not the ones who have made the divorce rate in traditional marriages in this country a JOKE?

50 percent of all marriages in America end in divorce- HELLO. Those aren’t homosexual divorces tarnishing the "sanctity" of marriage. That is ALL heterosexual. Not to say that homosexuals wouldn’t be prone to divorce as well if they were able to marry, but hell, I don’t think they could do a whole lot worse than straight people have in partaking in that statistic.

As for the whole cancer thing- it’s interesting to me how people will claim to not be prejudice or sexist or racist or discriminatory in any way- yet they sneak in verbal vomit while dancing around their own point in an attempt to cover their asses in front of certain people- and at the heart of their point, underneath all of the smoke and mirrors, lies what they really are: prejudice assholes. Walking contradictions. HYPOCRITES in denial. Morons who are so blind to their own actions and behavior and words that are completely incapable of recognizing the deeply embedded damaged cores of their own natures.

Like the people who don’t consider themselves racist or discriminatory people- but will make racist/anti-gay jokes and remarks and comments anyways, failing to understand that the very act of uttering hateful things about others based on the color of their skin or whom they choose to love is in fact FUCKING PREJUDICED and promoting discrimination.

Even in this day and age, I believe that an overwhelming number of people are most definitely still prejudice and racist and sexist- it didn’t disappear with the Civil Rights Movement. It is just not socially acceptable anymore (thank goodness) to go around spewing racist/sexist commentary and jokes. It’s all under the radar now- it’s called "smiling discrimination."

I know PLENTY of people who still talk out of their asses like that, and in their own defenses, they will say things like "I am not racist- I have a black friend at work," or (via a Kern comment in the story below) "I have worked with individuals who are homosexual and I don’t hate them. I’ve never been rude to them."

Oh- but you will compare an aspect of their lifestyles and choices to CANCER and TERRORISM huh?

She’s right. That’s not being rude. THAT’S HATEFUL.

By promoting hate in this way, Kern is the one who represents the cancerous agenda in this country if you ask me.


Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern made an Easter Sunday appearance on KFOR-TV’s "Flash Point" to face off with an openly gay pastor, elaborating on her recent leaked speech and defending her views.

A spirited theological and political debate ensued between Rep. Kern, host Kevin Ogle, panelists Burns Hargis and Mike Turpen, and Dr. Scott Jones of Oklahoma City’s Cathedral of Hope.

"I was speaking to a group of Republicans; grassroots Republicans," Kern explained of the original speech, which gained worldwide attention after posted on the Internet by the Gay & Lesbian
Victory Fund, "and I was talking about the homosexual agenda, and how they are out there putting forth--funding very heavily--homosexual and pro-homosexual candidates to run against, and defeat, conservatives across the nation.

"I did talk about what I believe...scientific evidence, health evidence...proves that the homosexual lifestyle is a dangerous lifestyle. And, yes, I did compare it to being more dangerous than terrorism. And my point in doing that, gentlemen, was this: Everybody knows terrorism destroys and tears down, and that was the only analogy I was making is that the homosexual agenda, this lifestyle which is so destructive to individuals, is at the heart trying to tear down what is the bedrock foundation of our society, which is the family and traditional marriage."

"You don’t really believe that Scott," asks panelist Michael Turpen of Pastor Jones, "is more dangerous than Osama bin Laden, do you?"

"I believe that the...homosexual agenda, and the lifestyle that it involves, is deadly to this nation. Now, I was not saying that Scott here is personally as dangerous as Osama bin Laden, but I was just making a comparison to prove my point."

"Well, I would denounce hate speech of any kind," rebuts Jones, "and have in my public remarks in response to yours. And you have to understand that when you say that gay people are like cancer...and cancer is something that we eradicate; that we kill; or that we are worse than terrorists, and terrorists are people that we go after to annihilate, to kill, you have to understand why those words would outrage people, because what are you saying? That we should go after gay people and eradicate them or annihilate them?"

"I wasn’t saying that you guys were a cancer," the legislator says to Dr. Jones. "I was saying that the effect is the very same as a cancer. If God’s people do not stand up and proclaim God’s word, which teaches that homosexuality is a sin; and if we try to just ignore it and let it become mainstream and take on the mentality that you folks want, that it’s a normal lifestyle, then that is going to spread through our culture, and we will no longer have the same kind of culture we’ve had for over 200 years. That’s all I meant."

"You have to understand," appeals Jones, "that there are multiple churches, Christians, denominations, highly respected scholars who disagree with your interpretation and application of scripture.

"Sally," asks Turpen, "if you had a gay child--"

"--I would love them as much as anybody else," Rep. Kern answers. "I would love them more than any of my other children because they would have a greater need."

Kern also weighs in on her son, answering allegations that he was gay based on a 1989 arrest of a Jesse Jacob Kern on oral sodomy charges.

"In 1989, my Jesse Aaron Kern was 12 years old, and we lived in Boise, Idaho. He has never been arrested, and he has been interviewed, and he has said, ’I am not...I am straight!’"

"But if he were, I’d love him," she continues, "because God created us all in his image, OK? God has a wonderful plan for every single one of us. Sin is out to destroy God’s plan for our lives."

"How could you love a gay son," asks Turpen, "that you have said is more dangerous to this country...than a terrorist?"

"I said the ’homosexual agenda,’" counters Kern. "I was not talking about--I have worked with other individuals who are homosexual. I don’t hate them. I have never been rude to them."

Dr. Jones takes exceptional issue with Kern’s lecturing on gays’ involvement in the political process. Jones finds that it makes the lawmaker’s comments "more outrageous" because he contends that she, as an elected official, is essentially labeling a certain group of people participating in the democratic process as worse than terrorists.

"The agenda is worse than terrorists," Kern counters.

"It is never dangerous for any of our citizens to engage in the democratic process," she adds. "I wish more of them would."

"What I’m saying is: their agenda, what they want to put upon the American people, which have for years been considered a ’Christian nation,’ who had a moral basis, where people knew what right and wrong was; where people knew that this was considered sin and this was not considered sin--"

Jones interjects: "--So a group of people advocating for their equal civil and human rights is more dangerous to this country--"

"If a person is born black, they can’t change that," Kern explains. "You see, that’s the heart of this issue is the homosexuals believe they’re born that way. No medical research--"

"--Even Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has agreed that all science is leading toward the idea that we are born that way."

"I disagree with that wholeheartedly," Kern says. "We’re all born with a sinful nature. I’m just as sinful as anybody else in this world."

"The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association all disagree with you, ma’am," Jones responds, "and they’re the people I would respect as having a mainstream view, and yours is in an extreme view."

"Mine is not an extreme view," counters Kern. "Mine is the view of the average American citizen, and I disagree with you."

"Why would somebody choose to be gay?" asks Turpen.

"Because of that sinful nature," Kern responds. "We can all choose to be whatever we want to be. You know, there are some people who have a propensity to have...a violent temper, and they have to learn to control that. They can’t go out and say ’that’s my propensity to be angry, so I’m going to engage in all the violence I want to."

Monday, March 10, 2008


Last night Megan and I ate at "The Melting Pot" in Bricktown with the Hines fam for her step-sister's 19th birthday dinner.

Unfortunately Taylor missed out on this experience because his ass missed his flight home from Vegas I knew he would...but that's a whole different blog...GRRR.


You know, the whole idea of a fondu restaurant SEEMS like a really fun idea...but this is of course if you aren't required to drop $50 (on the cheap end)-$100 or more (per duo/couple) + drinks for little pieces of torn up bread/chips/tiny bowls of carrot sticks/meat chunks and shrimp. Oh- and fruit nuggets.

All that you have to cook yourself.

All of these things you dip into bowls of melted cheese, vegetable broth or chocolate. To charge such an assanine amount of money on SNACK and FINGER FOOD, that place must make a KILLING.

The "experience" (what the manager called it after almost two hours of waiting for our "entrees") is cleverly disguised by a posh smoke screen of contemporary flare: a ritzy interior- deep mahogany wood, sleek Japanese style light fixtures, waiters dressed in all black... and a dizzying wine selection encased in an over-the-top wine cellar displayed behind a huge wall of glass.

Even the menu is a 2lb. wine bible bound in hardback silver- about 10 pages of wine by the bottle selection, and 3 pages of actual food options consisting of cheeses to melt, meats to dip and salads to pick.

They have made such a distractingly fancy atmosphere that you forget that you are about to drop a bill or two on tiny food that you spear with little metal sticks to dip in what I can only describe as variations of queso with designer names. Meals are split technically between two people- and when the meat cutlets are actually brought to the table, I can not be convinced that they would collectively create any one single cut of meat to justify charging such a stupid amount of money for TWO people to split.

The whole cooking raw chicken in a pot of volcanic hot vegetable broth that is expected to be used to also cook your beef/vegetables/and seafood really freaked me out. That just doesn't seem like a good idea.

I am honestly surprised that patrons aren't required to sign some sort of waiver cutting the restaurant out of any liability should someone consume a chunk of fondued salmonella.

The food was good- don't get me wrong- but I can't give credit to a restaurant whose menu consists solely of snack food and uncooked meat and vegetables. Hell, if anything I will give myself credit for becoming an awesome fondu chef since I cooked the damn meal myself.

Poor Carter- I can not even imagine what that bill came out to. Megan and I tried to order modestly...we saw how his face kind of fell/turned a little white once he opened the menu and realized how expensive it was considering the number of mouths he is required to satisfy on the always-needing-something-more gravy train he supports daily (this of course excludes me! I'm just a guest!).

My opinion aside for one moment, I must express that I AM grateful to have had the opportunity to TRY the place, so that I can write this blog...had Taylor and I gone in there just the two of us, we would have looked at that menu and laughed before snickering as we walked right back out that front door, "Surely they aren't serious in there? Let's go grab a STEAK or something." Sheesh.

My verdict on fondu dining? Fun idea, but seriously...SAVE YOUR MONEY! I didn't even spend any money and I felt overwhelmed at the prices- uncomfortable even. You can create melted cheese/chocolate product and provide your own dipping snacks for, OH, about a quarter what it costs for the "Melting Pot" dining experience.

And you can buy your own beautiful cut of beef/fish/chicken and cook it safely without fear of mixing different raw meat cooties together in a fancy pot.

Maybe this is why people were so damn skinny back in the day when FONDU was all the rage...they survived off of tiny bites of food and dips and called them meals...that and the abundant use of blow and disco dancing until the sun came up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Politico Schlomitico

For the first time in my adult life I have actually been closely following the presidential race. I credit this to Barack Obama.
Like religion, I don't care to argue about politics with people who oppose my choice of's completely pointless.

No one can win the argument when there are opposing views, and everyone involved just winds up looking like loud assholes who really don't know as much as they think they do-they fail to prove any actual point because they are just trying to talk over one another.

Instead of cheering their candidates on for the issues that they feel strongly about and promoting them for their greater good, most people talking politics instead choose to tear down the candidates that they DON'T like and spout out word vomit and lose sight of the point of the bigger fucking picture.

Taking shots at other candidates and focusing on an intense dislike for that candidate, talking shit and spreading candidate bashing instead of focusing that energy on the candidate you actually are rooting for and providing constructive information on your choice of candidate- well the negavitity that some people choose to advocate instead of choosing to advocate the postive- those things embody to me the whole reason that I was turned off of politics for so long in the first place.

I like Obama's style. He focuses on his own agenda instead of being an asshole and taking shots at the others- this is inspiring to me. He gives me hope that this country will be able to crawl out of the stale hole we have sunken into.

Why he "scares" so many people I have no idea. Is it because of his name? Because of his skin color? What in the hell is so scary about this man? I believe that this fear comes out of ignorance and dumb ass fools buying into the racist/discriminatory chainmail being spread on the Internet. I have been AMAZED at how many people follow the other lemmings off of the cliff in this respect.

I believe that, when faced with someone who chooses to talk out of their ass because they don't really have a real grip on any legitimate point, it's important to just remember where you stand and what you are all about. What other people think about who you like for president is irrelevent, and I've learned that when people want to try to knock you down from where you stand,, the important thing is to remember that they are doing just that and not to let them phase you.

Too many people want to get heated and run their mouths...they TALK but fail to SPEAK...they HEAR but they refuse to LISTEN.

I'm all down for listening if that person wants to speak like an intelligent grown up instead of yelling and bitching and shit talking like a fucking baby...and I'm all down for conversing if the other person is able to LISTEN to what I have to say as well.

You know, a civilized, back and forth conversation. I have found FEW people, those who both agree with/oppose of my perspective, who are able to do this. Everyone else has come across as angry and bitter and pissed off...talking themselves in circles and getting no where because they just want to BLAH BLAH BLAH HEARSAY HEARSAY HEARSAY.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Born Again Virgin

No- I'm not considering this delusional concept for myself- but I read an article about it the other day and I find the whole idea amusing (link to the article is at the bottom of this blog).
The idea of becoming a born again virgin is ridiculous to me. Abstinence- great. Saving virginity for marriage- great. But reclaiming virginity? Doesn't that completely miss the point of virginity?

I have heard of the surgical procedure that some women are doing to have their hymens sewn back together to give their husbands the "gift" of having sex with a virgin, and frankly, the whole thing totally creeps me out.

Unless you are a woman living in a country where it means life or death to have your virginity in tact, I don't understand the point of virginity reclaimation if you have already been around the block a couple of times.

I am appalled at the idea of the hymen surgery that more and more women are choosing to have to "get" their virginities back.

(the article refers to the finished 'product' of a restitched hymen as stretching broken hymen tight like a drum with a hole left in the middle...that hurts just thinking about it!).

And who in the HELL would ever want to go through losing their virginity again?

How exactly does a man go about reclaiming his virginity? I mean, if he wanted to give his wife the "gift" of having sex with a man who is a virgin, how does he do that?

I don't understand how these people can think that they can claim being a born again Virgin once they have already done the physical act of sex. If virginity is such a big deal, and is so sacred, then I would think that being able to legitimately reclaim your virginity as you see fit- and/or restitching your virginal female 'proof of purchase' seal- would devalue virginity in a whole, because then ANYONE could lose their virginity and POOF! Take it back and be a virgin all over again.

It's physically impossible. I don't care if you have sewn your ya-ya back up. Wouldn't that be like opening up a UPS box and then trying to re-box tape it exactly how it was when you got it using the same tape? Just leave it be.

I don't understand how, if you have already had sex, you could ever revert back to the mindset that accompanies being a virgin~ I mean, isn't that part of it? The uncertainty, awkwardness, curiosity, cluelessness of it all? When you lose your virginity you are going into totally uncharted territory. If you have already explored the turf of having sex for the first time, you will never get that first time back.

By the time you are in your twenties and are no longer a virgin, just fucking own it already. If you have already had children, you pretty much have to own it because calling yourself a virgin after birthing physical, breathing, living proof of losing your virginity is just delusional and pointless- who are you trying to fool? It's a total joke. Sorry honey, even the daughter of a minister who has lost "it" can never get it back, no matter how much she prays otherwise (I say minister's daughter because of the article's focus subject). She's just as "tainted" in the eyes of her god as the rest of us "sinners" who gave it up before marriage.

I feel sorry for teenagers who are/will learn about this whole Born Again Virgin thing~ like being a teenager isn't confusing enough on its own with all of the other noise you must sort through while trying to find yourself.

I think that promoting being able to become a Born Again Virgin tells kids who are taught abstinence in school hypocrisy...Don't have sex! But just in case you fuck up, literally, you can always become a born again virgin!

More proof of how ass-backwards things in our society have gotten.

Born Again Virgin.

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