Thursday, August 21, 2008

OKC Phallic War

So OKC will have the 54th tallest building in the world, come 2012. This new Devon skyscraper is going to be ridiculously massive, "eclipsing" downtown's existing tallest building- the Chase Tower.

This glittering new pillar of male phallic symbolism will be the shining middle finger of Downtown OKC, dwarfing everything surrounding it, compliments of Devon Energy Corp. How long will it take after its erection for corporations such as, oh, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, to say "Hey, I have a big dick too! I need a huge tower to show the state who the big man in Oklahoma is! Me too! Me too!"

And then they will all start popping up- a perpetual hard-on-a-thon for the Metro.

I'll bet the big heads down at Devon are stroking their egos right now at the sight of their titanic masterpiece in the making. Yikes. I nearly choked on my apple juice when I saw these pictures. Can we HANDLE it Oklahoma? Can we?

Business Week article:Devon Skyscraper.

The only cities with taller buildings would be Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Seattle.

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