Friday, May 30, 2008

More Sex and the City

Feeling Catty so than usual? Maybe not. Actually, I guess I'm just feeling particularly like myself today. Go figure.

Sex and the City the movie came out today, but I am still battling the urge to watch it.

I am not finding myself feeling compelled to rush out and see it in the movie theater. This is surprising to me. I figured that once one of my favorite shows was released on the big screen, I would flock to be one of the first to see it. The build over the past few months has burned me out I think. I think the hype and hoopla has made the entire experience too cliche and my psyche is resisting it.

There is a scene in the trailer where Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are toasting Cosmos. One of them asks, "These are fabulous! Why did we stop drinking these?"

And Carrie says, "Because everyone else started drinking them."

That is a pretty accurate way to describe how I feel I guess. Oh TBS- you and your heavily edited/censored syndicated SATC reruns...God, I know I should get over myself and my authoritative attitude about this movie...but I'm just not gonna. The biggest fans are the most critical of what they choose to be Super Fans wouldn't do the show justice if I weren't skeptical.

The impatient bitch in me is really what is preventing me from fighting the crowds this weekend, though. I have to really be DYING to face the mob on the opening weekend of the newest big movie to be released. I find myself too easily irritated by overcrowded movie theaters...all of those people scattered about with their infinite annoying's overwhelming. I can't take it. My mind goes into overdrive, and this scenario would be particularly overwhelming since I've quit smoking again.

I'm the kind of person to get annoyed when I hear someone eating their popcorn too loudly or scraping their straw up and down the lid of their drink to swish around their ice (CREEEAAAK-CREEAAAAAK, crunch crunch, swish swish, SLURP...repeat...GRRRRR!), or getting distracted by flocks of younger girls sitting together flapping their jaws at one another and giggling. If someone opens their cell phone six rows ahead of me to check a text message, I will notice and feel put out by the light it gives off. I can't help it. I inherited it from my dad.

I have a ridiculously short fuse and there is nothing I can do about it.

I already get aggravated enough by girls in groups larger than two or three (for the most part, unless they are my own friends at least), and as much as I love Sex and the City, the idea of voluntarily paying $9 to put myself in a huge shared space to watch a chick flick is a total turn off.

Sex and the City is one of my few girlie indulgences (next to sundresses and Jane Austin novels/film adaptations...shhhh), and I prefer to enjoy it from the comfort and solitude of my house, on my t.v., by myself. Films, in my opinion, are also notorious for butchering and tarnishing a good thing by making iconic small screen shows into weak movies, so I am already hesitant to see it in the first place...

I'll admit, I DO want to see it, but would much prefer to wait until next week and go see it on a Tuesday night late showing to avoid the masses. I mean, it's not like there are any surprises that I am just dying to know about with the movie. I've read up on it and followed it enough online while bored at work. I already know what happens.

We saw a late night showing of the new Indiana Jones last night and there were only like 15 people in there with us to watch it. That's the way to go- plenty of space and legroom, enough distance between parties to not hear them eat their snacks or quietly comment to one having to squish knees together so people can squeeze by for pee breaks and no one periodically kicking the back of your chair. Perfect.

When we got out around 11:30, we saw the line of dozens of chicks waiting for the midnight premiere of Sex and the City wrapped around the facility- talking loudly and high pitched and all a-flutter, snazzily dressed up, many a designer totes in hand. Many of them had obviously been drinking (probably Cosmos I would imagine...whah whahhhhh...) and were laughing about two volumes too high. All in good fun, but....

~Shudder~ No thank you. It felt nice to keep walking. You couldn't pay me to wait in a line like that.

Now, The Dark Knight (next Batman installment!), however, is a different story. I will suck it up and wait in an absurdly long line to face the masses all day long to see that one.

Call me a nerd, call me a freak ("OmiGOD, what a weirdo" to the laywoman), but a yummy Christian Bale in one of the best dark super hero film series ever made is way more worth the hassle and fuss if you ask me. THAT'S something to get all in a flutter about. I will be more than happy to camp out with the 40 year-old virgins, overweight pimple-faced comic books freaks and males of all ages and stereotypes who will drag their girlfriends and wives to see THAT premiere.


To each his or her own.

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